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Our staff is fully qualified in childcare and child development, posses First Aid Paediatric courses and food handling

The children will have a key-worker or
carer, with each group having their
own playroom with age-appropriate
resources and activities. It is important that the children feel safe and that is why we stress on each group having his or her own carer.

The Management ensures that the staff is kept up to date with regular in-house courses as well as in-service courses offered by the Department for Social Welfare Standards.

Services offered
- Nursery and Prenursery programme - under 2 years of age
- Pre-school programme - 2 to 4 year olds
- One offs (on booking) This is available for children who do not come frequently .
- Summer, Easter and Christmas clubs - for older children
- Mother and baby clubs
- Diverse extracurricular activities even for children who do not frequent the centre  such as Art, animated reading, Creative Writing Skills.